International Day of Yoga 2023

Pranayama Session
Eddie Stern
Please note: This event will start at 03.00 pm.
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Please note: This event will start at 03.00 pm.

Join to take an extraordinary opportunity to learn from one of the best and well-recognised yoga teachers in the world who is travelling to London from NYC on International Day of Yoga.

Eddie will teach a session focused on asana and pranayama to bring focus, calm, and quieten to the mind and body, all invaluable tools for managing the fluctuations of everyday life.

Eddie Stern is a Yoga instructor, author, and researcher from NYC. He began practicing Yoga in NY in 1987 followed by 19 years of study of Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore and went on to become a Yoga teacher to the celebrities in New York. Over the past two decades he has focused on non-profit work providing access to Yoga for underserved youth in public education and those at risk to gun violence in inner cities. He is currently earning a master’s degree in science for yoga research and is the author of the best-selling One Simple Thing, a New Look at the Science of Yoga and How it can Transform Your Life, and creator of The Breathing App and Yoga365. During the program, Eddie will discuss more about using the breath for nervous system regulation using the ancient science of yoga and pranayama.

In association with Arth – Art of Health

Participants are requested to bring their yoga mats.