Kala Rasa (The Essence of Art)

Surabhi Bhardwaj
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Kala Rasa (The Essence of Art) is a Bharatanatyam concert that includes dances from the Margam technique followed by a work in progress production called Aśrutam - The Unheard Voice of Devadasis. Devadasis were performing artists of ancient Indian temples, who passed down their hereditary dance form to our generation. They were women who followed a matriarchal system, not bound by marriage, and broke the stereotypes of the patriarchal society. With change in the socio-political conditions, Devadasis lost their support & patronage. Their practice was abolished in 1947, citing their unconventional lifestyle, taking away their livelihood and basic human rights. To this day, many in the society are in denial of their existence. Drawing parallels to the voice of women of all generations, Aśrutam hopes to raise visibility on Devadasis and shed light on their struggles.

Surabhi Bharadwaj, Founder-Artistic Director of Siddhi Dance Academy, is a seasoned Bharatanatyam dancer trained under eminent Gurus in Bangalore. With an MFA in Bharatanatyam under Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam, and MFA in Dance: Design and Production from Saint Mary's College of California, Surabhi freelances as a lighting designer alongside her dance career. She conducts Yokayam workshops, a comprehensive strengthening program that combines Yoga, Kalaripayattu, and Bharatanatyam. Swami Dayananda Saraswati awarded Surabhi the title ‘Arsha Kala Chudamini’. She is a Doordarshan Graded Artist and has given solo performances at prestigious dance festivals across India and USA.