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Shobhaa Joshi – Khayal Vocal
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Shobhaa Joshi is an accomplished and versatile singer with a rare talent and knowledge to perform and express the various forms of Indian music. Deep - rooted in the traditional styles, Shobhaa excels in the exposition, elaboration and interpretation of the intricate patterns of classical music, especially Khayal, semi classical such as Thumri, Dadra, Hori etc, Ghazal, devotional music, light music, folk music and also film music. Besides performing, along with her academic background, she relates to different styles and regions in Indian music to cultural context.

Endowed with mellifluous and rich sonorous voice with tremendous power and range stretching in three octaves, she has developed her own expressive style, which allows her to flow with equal ease from the subtle stylistic variations of classical music to the immense depths of many other, forms of Indian music.

Her mother was her first Guru who started teaching Shobhaa basic classical music and always remained an inspiration and support in Shobhaa's musical journey. At the age of 5, Shobhaa started learning under the tutelage of Pt. Dattatray Agashe ji, a Gwalior gharana exponent from Pune.

Shobhaa's mother also noticed that Shobhaa can sing classical and light music equally at ease and her voice is perfect for both the styles and put her to light music training along with classical. That is how she got versatile and can handle classical forms and light music genres with ease and perfection.

Shobhaa remained a scholar in music as well as had an academic career in psychology. Her father insisted that it is very important to have good academic background along with art and this lead her to have Masters in both the fields and also work on Ph.D. She is also an awardee for research fellowship from cultural ministry of India.

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