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Vaani to Vaikhari
Sushil Rapatwar
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According to the Indian philosophy, Vaani is made of four aspects as per Shrimad Bhagvata Purana. The gist of a shloka states that- Para, Pashyanti, Madhyama, and Vaikhari are the four successive phases from which sounds pass through before we can hear them. Para - eternal, Pashyanti - felt by a sage or a person in his deep consciousness, Madhyama- when it translates as an idea in the intellect, Vaikhari when the Vani is verbally expressed through the mouth.

In this masterclass, Sushil will focus on the Vaikhari aspect. The attributes required for an impactful public speaking skill can be effectively used in various other aspects of life as they help to build confidence, clarity, and structure of thought, research, situational awareness, sharpening presentation skills, cultural awareness, career advancement, enhanced critical thinking, and leadership development. All these factors help to shape a well-rounded personality with bigger, better, and bolder career and life prospects. He will cover seven basics of public speaking and will follow it up with a live demo of different speaking styles.

Sushil’s diverse experience across the globe for over 25 years has equipped him with a first-hand insight into the challenges faced by the corporate world. His participation in many social causes has provided him with varied human perspectives. His work in metacognitive education initiatives has provided him with a unique lens and expertise. Blending it all together, Sushil now decodes deep insights that can be applied to today's workplaces.