Lecture Demonstration: Kali to Krishna

Dr Padmaja Venkatesh Suresh
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Kali and Krishna are but two names of feminine and masculine forms of the One consciousness. Shakti as mother endears her creation in both these aspects and delivers the rest, on time. The darkest attributes absorb the cosmos and once again sustain with the eternal light. We see throughout the lecture and performance, that time and space are but joyful myths that veil the ultimate Bliss as Reality. This production is inspired by Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa who was a devout follower of Kali Maa and often saw Radhakanta in her image.

Kali the Dark one, the subjugator of time will be viewed with the divine flute player Krishna with legends and symbolism.

An acclaimed artiste of Bharatanatyam and a researcher, Dr Padmaja has been trained by prominent Gurus, Guru K. Kalyanasundaram, and Sri Chakyar Rajan. She holds degrees in Commerce, Law, Diploma in choreography, a master’s in philosophy and doctorate. She has performed at major dance festivals of India. Padmaja has represented the ICCR besides extensive concert tours and conferences.

Her institution Aatmalaya academy conducts workshops also at rural India. Padmaja is an author whose books deal with the esoteric study of dance. Her dance productions include Ritu Sringara, Navadarshanam, Ekam Sat, Bindu and others.

Dr Padmaja is Asst. Prof at the University of Silicon Andhra, and a guest faculty at other institutions.

Accompanied by Mr. Sarvesh Venkatesh and Ms. Ojas Atreyam