Lecture: Vedic Astrology – An Introductory Workshop I

Dr Shrey Pathak
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A large part of the Indian population has been exposed to Vedic Astrology in some way or the other. Most have horoscopes – a small pocket-sized booklet with an elaborate grouping of Sanskrit symbols and diagrams - prepared based on date, place, and exact time of birth, aided by ancient charts and almanacs that detail the placement of planets e.g., the sun, moon, certain stars, etc. However, little was known in terms of the meaning of the planetary placement in one’s horoscope. Traditionally, horoscope interpretation was left to the local priest or guru who would be consulted on regular intervals by Indian families (for example, to align or carryout Vedic rituals linked to marriage). However, with the advent of digital technologies, almost anyone can tap into this reservoir of knowledge and appreciate the techniques linked to Vedic Astrology.

To further this, Dr. Pathak will be conducting a two-part workshop in which basic techniques of Vedic Astrology will be taught and chart analysis discussed.

  • Introducing the Nine Planets or Navgrah Understand the nature and significance of Navgrah or the Nine planets that rule our lives. In addition to their nature, we try and understand their responsibilities, likes/dislikes, relationship with each other, and their vision for your soul.
  • Understand the 12 zodiac constellations.
  • Learn about the 12 bhavas (or zodiac constellations) and their connections.
  • Learn techniques on charting and prediction.
  • Identify key areas of effort from your personal horoscope/birth chart. Also learn about spiritual remedies that have worked across time.

Dr. Shrey Pathak hails from Kolkata and moved to the UK to pursue his undergraduate degree in electronic engineering, and subsequently a doctorate degree. After a short stint in biomedical research (post-doctoral research), he trained as an Intellectual Property (IP) attorney specialising in high-tech patent prosecution and litigation. He now works for a large aerospace company, based out of the US, and is responsible for supporting and developing their IP and Corporate Strategy Europe. While training as an IP Attorney, he got very interested in Vedic Astrology and subsequently has gained advanced knowledge in this area and is a trained Jyotish Acharya.