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Maasir Raheemi is originally a book in Persian language which was written by an immigrant from Persia to India, Abdul Baqi Nihavandi and was completed in 1616 AD. It mainly covers the period Great Mughals of India, Humayun, Akbar and Jahangir. It mainly deals with biography of two icons, Bairam and his son Andul- Rahim (Rahim Ratnavali), both being titled, Khan-i-Khana. Both Father and son conbtributed to poetry, both were philanthropists and had a large retinue of writers, poets and Kavees. Their legacy still looms large in literature and poetry; especially Rahim Ratnavali’s dohas are still recognised and appreciated. There are only two complete manuscripts of the book in the world, in Kolkatta and Cambridge. Both these manuscripts were used to translate the book into Urdu. Dr. Mansoor Ali Suharvardi, Prof Shareef Husain Qasemi of Delhi University, Prof Ishtiaq Ahmad Zilli of Aligarh University and Hasan Beg have contributed to the book.


Dr Ammar Rizvi : He has been the Acting Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and is active in political, social and literary circles of Lucknow. He has contributed to various literary, social and political activities in UP. He has also edited and published the poetical history of last Nawab of Oudh, Wajid Ali Shah, written by Wajahat Mirza Changaizi.

Prof Tariq Muneer: Prof Muneer was educated in Hyderabad, Deccan and in United States. He is Professor in the department of Solar Energy in Napier University, Edinburgh. He has a number of professional books to his credit. He has taken keen interest in literary activities in Scotland for last twenty five years. He has organised Bazm Urdu Scotland and has been its main spirit organizing Mushairas and literary conferences. He has a keen eye on history of India and of Deccan.

Dr. Hasan Beg: Dr. Hasan Beg was born in Delhi. He is retired Otolaryngologist. He is a Fellow of The Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. He has a keen interest in Mughal History with sub-specialization in early Mughal period. He has edited four books, Khan-i-Khana Nama, Bairam Khan, Waqa-i-Babar and Maasir Raheemi. He is a poet and author of a number of articles and has contributed to literary circle across Scotland for last twenty years.

Please note this programme will be conducted in Urdu.