Mahatma Gandhi for the 21st Century

2017 Gandhi Foundation Annual Lecture by Satish Kumar
Gandhi Foundation
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Capitalism in Western Europe and America and Communism in Eastern Europe and China have failed to solve the problems of poverty, pollution, waste, wars, religious conflict and many other human and environmental problems of our time.

The philosophy and ideals promoted by Mahatma Gandhi embedded in the principles of non-violence, economic equality, sustainability, spirituality, arts and crafts and decentralised politics and local economics offers a genuine way out of current human predicament. Free market orthodoxy on the one hand and state control on the other deprive the majority of people from a decent, fulfilling and equitable life. The Gandhian ideal is the antidote to such a capitalist and communist model. 

In his lecture Satish Kumar will illuminate the relevance of Mahatma Gandhi in the 21st Century.