Manas Shruthi : Music for the Mind

Ramya Mohan
Get Direction

Dr Ramya Mohan has been lauded globally for her pioneering work in integrating Neuroscience with the Creative Arts (Music, Fine Art) to support brains better. Her work on emotional management and personality development using music in children, youth and adults alike has garnered widespread support. Her internationally acclaimed, novel music-based therapeutic technique CAPE (Creative Arts for Processing Emotions) and CAPE : Youth (For children and young people) were launched at the Nehru Centre in 2016 and 2017 respectively to critical acclaim from world leaders in Medicine, Music, Art, Parliament/Politics , Showbiz and the Humanities.

This lively music show innovatively conceptualized by Ramya brings principles of positive mental health together with music using descriptions and songs in various languages. Accompanied by musicians, Ramya conveys complex concepts in emotional well-being and Eastern/Western philosophies in a refreshingly simple manner through meaningful golden songs with a contemporary twist. India’s colourful culture, her languages, life philosophies and various music forms are showcased through a live performance to support positive mental health.

This will be followed by an insightful Q & A session with Dr. Ramya Mohan on the ‘The role of music, art and culture across continents in supporting mental health and emotional well-being’.