Bharatanatyam Recital
Ganesh Vasudeva
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Ganesh is a professional Bharatanatyam Dancer, researcher and choreographer with 15 years of performing experience.

He has been training in Bharatanatyam for more than 25 years. He trained under able Gurus such as Vidwan Chandrashekhara Navada, Shreelata Suresh and Bragha Bessel. He has performed solo concerts in both India and USA. He was invited to perform at dance festivals in Chennai. He was awarded ACTA (Alliance for California Traditional Arts) apprenticeship scholarship in 2011 to research and present rare dance compositions of Tanjore Quartet. In past few years Ganesh has choreographed and presented his own work to critical acclaim. Ganesh has also been researching male-oriented compositions that are suitable to present on stage and has choreographed & presented several works based on this research.

In this concert, Manasaa, Ganesh has aspired to make these uniquely his own by bringing manodharma, or a personalized approach, to each of the pieces. Wherever applicable, the Central character is also a male, reflecting his own identity and thoughts. Bharatanatyam was traditionally danced by female dancers in temples and courts of Kings. Because of this background, often, emotive compositions in Bharatanatyam have female as central character. Ganesh says “As a male dancer, I found the need to portray my identity, thoughts and journey. I have researched, composed, choreographed and presented many compositions with male as a central character. I will be presenting a few of those here.”