Music: Dhrupad Recital

Dr Aditi Sharma Garg
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Dhrupad is the ancient genre of Hindustani Classical Music. Its glory is still radiant even today and holds a sanctified place in the ambit rich Indian classical music traditions. Musically, Dhrupad comprises of the anibaddha i.e. aalap (the melodic prelude) & nibaddha i.e. Prabandha (the composition). This form is known for its robust style, the perfect amalgamation of meandering of notes (meend) and graceful gamakas (the agitation of notes); coupled with the scintillating rhythmic patterns. It is meditative, a true manifestation of Naad, the sound absolute. Certainly, an epitome of aesthetical delight permeating into a celestial musical experience.

Dr. Aditi Sharma Garg is a renowned Dhrupad Vocalist & Musicologist from Delhi, India. She hails from an illustrious classical music lineage and disciple of Guru(s) Pt. Shri Datt Sharma(father) & Pt. Krishna Datt Sharma (Grandfather). Academically, an M.A. Gold Medalist, M.Phil. topper & holds Ph.D. degree in Indian Classical Music from University of Delhi. She has performed at various prestigious music festivals in India and abroad. As a musicologist, Dr. Aditi contributes to a wide range of research-oriented programs, workshops & seminars ancillary to music and its allied forms.