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Shahana Kane
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Shahana Kane, disciple of Shri Mukul Kulkarni, is one of the only female Indian classical vocalists representing the Gwalior-Agra gharanas in the UK. Shahana’s introduction into Indian classical music started in tabla from the age of 6, under the guidance of Pandit Yogesh Samsi. In 2013, Shahana started learning Hindustani classical vocal music under Shri Mukul Kulkarni, disciple of Pandit Arun Kashalkar and the late Pandit Sharad Sathe. Her training in khayal under his careful guidance is predominantly of the Gwalior-Agra gharanas. During her taleem, Mukul ji has imparted many traditional and authentic bandishes of the Gwalior gharana to her, as well as training in traditional Gwalior gayaki. Recently, Shahana has also been receiving guidance from Smt. Sukhada Kane, daughter in law and disciple of the late Pandit D.V. Kanebuwa.

Reflecting her calm and composed demeanour, Shahana’s singing emphasises musical thought. Shahana has been featured as a young artist in Pulse Connects South Asian Arts Magazine, July 2016, and was later awarded scholarships from the University of Birmingham to further her training in India. Over the past few years, Shahana has performed at various locations around the UK and has also been teaching vocal music to a few keen students.

Accompanied By:

Jnanesh Kamath: Tabla

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