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Oversea Sangeet Sabha is a collaboration between artists within Indian Classical Music based in Sweden, India, and the UK.

Debasish Mukherjee is among the leading tabla players to have emerged from the great musical hub of Calcutta. He trained with the doyen of the legendary Benares Gharana, among them Pandit Kishan Maharaj and Pandit Nanku Maharaj, and played with masters as Pandit Birju Maharaj, Ustad Rashid Khan, Pandit Rajan Shajan Mishra and Pandit Budhaditya Mukherjee amongst others. He is an “A-grade” artist with All India Radio.

Sanchita Pal is one of the most accomplished singers in Hindustani Classical and Semi-Classical music, a resident of the UK. Born in a musical family in India she began her musical career under the guidance of Pandit Amiya Ranjan Banerjee and Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty. She collaborates with Jazz, Flamenco, and Western Classical music as well as in music scores for film, radio, and television in the UK and is a regular artiste on All India Radio.

Stian Grimstad started playing the sitar in 1996. He got his training from Khurshid Ali Khan and Gaurav Mazumdar, a former student of Ravi Shankar and of one the most prominent exponents of the Ravi Shankar style. Apart from being one of Scandinavia's foremost sitar players, he is also a multi-instrumentalist performing in numerous genres such as Balkan, blues, Latin, and western classical music.

Moa Danielson started her musical education in western classical piano and studied music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and the Norwegian Academy of Music. Since 1999 she dedicates herself to Indian classical music. She has studied Indian classical music with Kishore Kumar Mishra and Pandit Bhajan Sopori, among others. Moa has been active as a freelance musician, touring Europe and Asia, for more than 20 years.

Veronica Tjerned is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and producer and a dedicated promoter of Indian Art in Sweden within the North Indian dance field. She is educated in Kolkata and Stockholm and since her early teenage been devoted to Indian classical dance.