Music: Sarangi

Gouri Banerjee
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Gouri Banerjee will perform Sarangi Tabla conversation in a unique way including larant, bhirant and a pure instrumental style in Sarangi by the only female A grade Sarangi player of India. This will be followed by Sawal Jawab in Sarangi and Tabla and vice versa keeping the audience guessing what is coming up next in the performance.

Gouri Banerjee Sati is an "A Grade" sarangi player from All India Radio Delhi and a chartered accountant. Gouri has performed at various festivals in India and abroad including performing for the Honorable Prime Minister of India and the President of the United States in 2020. She has been honoured with various accolades for her expertise in playing the Sarangi including the Music for Peace and Unity award 2023.

Gouri will be accompanied on the Tabla by Yousuf Ali Khan from UK