Music: Shakthi – Carnatic Classical & Contemporary Music

Jyotsna Srikant
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Shakthi is contemporary Indian tunes composed during lockdown. 'Shakthi' means 'Strength' in Sanskrit. The world came to a standstill during the pandemic. We as artists, suffered immensely with loss of work.

We gathered courage and strength to survive during the pandemic and now have again started to perform and tour.

The songs have a blend of ragas presented in a contemporary way along with electronics and improvisations in Indian style, thus producing new sounds.

Jyotsna also will be presenting popular South Indian Film songs, light classical songs, and popular Carnatic songs on the violin.

Jyotsna is Europe’s foremost Indian violinist. Her music illuminates Carnatic musical tradition in kaleidoscope colour. Approaching every musical interaction with a forward-thinking outlook and elastic expressivity, Jyotsna is just as likely be found revelling in raga rotations or jamming in free jazz, often marrying the two.

She is accompanied by two talented musicians from Bangalore - India, music producer Shadrach Solomon on keys/piano and rhythms sensation Karthik Mani on drums and Indian ethnic percussion.

Presented in associated with SAMA Arts Network Ltd