Music: Shoonya – Shared Values Festival Part 2

Chinmayi Tripathi & Joell Mukherjii
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Shoonya Music and Poetry Project is a path-breaking platform founded by Chinmayi Tripathi and Joell Mukherjii to promote and spread poetry in the form of music. The duo weaves together timeless classics of Indian literature and contemporary music.

The poetry covers legends like Mahadevi Verma, Suryakant Tripathi 'Nirala', Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar', Harivansh Rai 'Bachchan', Shivmangal Singh 'Suman',Dharmavir Bharti and timeless classics by Bulle Shah, Meera, Kabir, Amir Khusrau and new age poetry by the stalwarts such as Anamika, Vinod Kumar Shukla, Naresh Saxena, Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena.

Their live performances have been received well at the venues like, Richmix, Oxford University and Asia House (Organised by SAMA Arts Network) India Habitat Centre, Spoken Fest, Sahitya Aajtak- Delhi, Kumbh Mela- Prayagraj, ICCR Mumbai, Jaipur Lit Fest, Kala Ghoda Festival, Khusrau Kabir Festival Mumbai to name a few.

Chinmayi is a singer, composer and songwriter and the founder of ‘Shunya' under the Music and Poetry Project, that combines the beauty of Indian poetry with colours of contemporary music and produces songs, videos, and live performances. A trained Hindustani classical singer, Chinmayi has also published books of her own poems in Hindi and has sung/composed.

Joell Mukherjii is a versatile composer, producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Joell has produced over 300+ Ad jingles for various brands and has composed /sung numerous films and non-film songs. Trained in western classical music and has deep understanding of Indian music as he hails from a family of musicians in Kolkata. He is the co-founder of 'Music and Poetry Project.

Accompanied by guest musicians.

In association with SAMA Arts Network Ltd