Music: StringFEST – Festival of Bowed, Plucked and Hammered Instruments

Shayaan Saqib
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Shayaan Saqib is a talented young UK-born sarod player studying under the mentorship of Pandit Arnab Chakrabarty, one of the leading exponents of the sarod representing the Lucknow- Shahjahanpur Gharana. Through his teacher’s guidance, Shayaan has been able to create a style defined by tradition, introspection, and keeping intact the sanctity of the raga.

The sarod is a relatively modern instrument derived from the Afghani rabab. It is a fretless instrument with a chrome-plated fretboard that requires the use of the fingernail to slide on the strings. Shayaan made his performance debut in 2000 receiving positive reviews in the press and among senior musicians. He continues to perform at concerts within the UK. He is also learning vocals under the guidance of Ustad Ghulam Niyaz Khan of the Rampur- Sahaswan Gharana.

Accompanied by Junaid Ali.

Junaid Ali is a young tabla player on the British Asian music scene. He trained under Ustad Shahbaz Hussain in the ‘Punjab Gharana’ tradition. From a very tender age, he has immersed himself in his training and continues to learn and play professionally. He is amongst the most sought-after tabla players in Britain.

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