Music: StringFEST – Festival of Bowed, Plucked & Hammered Instruments

Clem Alford
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Clem Alford's free-spirited adventure has carried on worldwide. The musician performed in many countries from West to East (India, Japan, and several other Asian countries). As a teacher and theorist Clem has written a guidebook to explain his philosophy and how you need to play the sitar.

During the beginning of the 70’s he formed a trio, suggesting a fusion between popular music and classical raga. In 1974, he recorded his most successful album “Mirror Image”, absolutely captivating, this album is one of the most accomplished mix between the pop/rock structures and the sacred sound of raga music.

Clem has also been associated with the famous John Williams (classical guitar), John Mayer (composer/ Indo Jazz Fusions), Maurice Jarre (film scores), John Dankworth (jazz), Hemant Kumar (vocalist) and a host of other striking personalities in the world of music.

Accompanied by Guest musicians.

In association with SAMA Arts Network.