Music: Veena Duet

Emani Kalyani & Padmini Pasumarthy
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Emani Kalyani is the daughter of world-renowned Veena Vituoso Mahamahopadhyaya Padmashri Dr. Emani Shankara Shastry. His centenary was celebrated across the globe in the year 2022.

As a tribute to the Veena Maestro Emani Shankara Shastry, Emani Kalyani, who is a senior ICCR empanelled artiste and a world-renowned artiste herself, will present a concert with her daughter Padmini Pasumarthy.

They will be presenting the traditional Veena concert. Veena is an ancient Indian instrument.

The concert will start with a Varnam that encapsulates the key features of a raga, considered as an important composition to be presented in a traditional Carnatic concert. This will be followed by keerthanams, composed by various saintly composers, singing the glory of God.