As we wind up the first quarter of the Year of Culture, we are delighted to note how well the events were received. The panel discussions on ‘Religion and the Empowerment of Women: A multi faith perspective’ and ‘Healing Hands: Women’s health and holistic remedies from Asia’ highlighting Ayurveda, Jamu and Acupuncture were held to mark the International Women’s Day.

This Month

Art Exhibition

Anjali B Purkayastha


Ideal Centricity –Making of Individuals for Universal Concord
Satsang UK

Art Exhibition

Prakriti Vandana
Navin Ramniklal Soni

Khayal: Music & Imagination

Khyal Vocal
Rahul Mishra

Bharatnatyam Recital

Pranita Shreen Choudhry

Euphonic Yoga

An Artistic Arena of Indian Performing Arts
Shruti Chaturlal


Kathak Recital
Nikita Banawalikar


From Serindia to Sogdia: Indo-Central Asian Trade, Travel and Thought on the Silk Road (AD 200-800)
Burzine Waghmar