Panel Discussion

Women, Leadership and Power
Inspiring Indian Women
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IIW (Inspiring Indian Women) has embarked upon this journey to inspire more women to follow their dreams. Women all over have faced their own unique challenges, yet they manage to carve lasting legacies through their work. They have inspired, empowered, ruled, challenged and motivated others to follow.

The purpose of this Panel Discussion is to reemphasize the message as conveyed by Candice Carpenter Olson, CoCEO, Fullbridge-”If you are committed to creating value and if you are not afraid of hard times, obstacles become utterly unimportant, a nuisance perhaps, but with no real power. The world respects creation; people will get out of your way.”

Women make up for 40% or more of the workforce in most countries around the world and yet account for less than even a quarter of senior roles globally. Similar trends prevail in the public sector. We also live in interesting times so in order for society and the economy to flourish, we need to meaningfully engage with women, tap their potential and celebrate their achievements.

While recognizing that organisations are committed to providing growth and leadership opportunities to women, this discussion will aim to give the audience an insight into the leadership journeys and challenges of the panel members and explore their views on key issues that still need to be addressed on a subject that is complex yet imperative.

Guest of Honour – Virendra Sharma, Member of Parliament, Southall / Ealing

Rohini Rathour - Leadership and Personal Development Coach
Deep Rajah - Producer and presenter, Lyca Radio/ Dil Se Radio
Lakshmi Kaul - Head and Representative of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII-UK) based in London, Founder, Nainika Tikoo Memorial Trust
Carole Spiers - BBC Guest Broadcaster international motivational speaker.