Panel Discussion

Opportunities and Challenges in India’s Booming Economy
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Fair Observer, a media organization focused on world affairs, leaps off the page and into life with a new series of discussions held at The Nehru Centre. Bringing together experts from academia, law, and commerce, it begins with a lively debate about the opportunities and challenges presented by India’s rapid economic growth.

India is consistently growing at around 7% per annum. It is the fastest-growing large economy in the world, with a GDP ranked fifth in the world. Economists estimate that India will overtake Germany and Japan by 2028 to occupy the third position after the US and China. But serious challenges remain. One seasoned industry leader says that India remains a hostile environment for manufacturing due to onerous regulations, entrenched corruption, feudal bureaucrats, and venal politicians.

To make sense of India’s economic outlook, Fair Observer’s Editor-in-Chief Atul Singh and moderator Claire Whitaker are joined by a distinguished panel including: Ratun Lahiri Majumdar, Special Advisor, Unicorn India Ventures Amit Singh, Linklaters Partner, Head of South and Southeast Asia Capital Markets Professor Atul Shah, London School of Economics Sam Tully, Director, Head of UK Business Development, Quantum Advisors India

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