Panel Discussion : Ancient Wisdom Modern Solutions

Brahma Kumaris, UK
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A series of hybrid online and in-person events to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence and the 50th anniversary of The Brahma Kumaris in the UK.

The first of a series of three conversations will be , hosted by broadcast journalist Philippa Blackham, the discussion will be between Sister Jayanti and Mr. Amish Tripathi, on the theme of Ancient Wisdom - Modern Solutions. In an age of uncertainty, what can the wisdom from ancient times teach us about courage, compassion, and the path to a brighter future?

Sister Jayanti is the Additional Administrative Head of The Brahma Kumaris. She is also the Director of Brahma Kumaris activities in Europe and the Middle East. As a spiritual teacher for over 50 years, she has dedicated her life to self-transformation and service to humanity. Sister Jayanti is the Brahma Kumaris NGO representative at the UN in Geneva.

She continues to champion the co-operative role of spiritual organisations in creating a just and peaceful world, bringing spiritual principles to the discussion tables of politicians, economists, business leaders, scientists, and nearly every stakeholder of our times. Sister Jayanti sees the erosion of spiritual values as the underlying cause of the crises the world is facing today.

The Brahma Kumaris is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) of the United Nations, accredited with General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).