Play : India Gate

Punjabi Theatre Academy and The Questors Theatre
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India Gate is a historic chapter of Indian British history set in 1919-1947 where Indian soldiers sacrificed their lives to save the British Crown in WWI.

A memorial gate was subsequently built by Sir Edwin Lutyens to commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives in Delhi in 1929. The play also conveys an interesting perspective of Lady Emily Lutyens, daughter of Viceroy Edward Bulwer- Lytton, and her involvement with the Indian community in London by supporting the Indian ‘Home Rule’ movement.

By linking the stories of Udham Singh and the Lutyens, the play attempts to show differing Indian and British perspectives surrounding the troubled path to eventual Indian emancipation.

The show is written and directed by Howard Shepherdson in collaboration with Tajinder Sindra, Executive Director of Punjabi Theatre Academy. Howard has been a member of The Questors for over 40 years. His most recent acting appearances were as Sir Jasper Fidget in The Country Wife and as Queen Dottie (The Pantomime dame) in Sleeping Beauty.

He originally trained as a drama teacher and worked professionally as an actor in New Zealand.

This is the first time Howard has written a play for the Questors and has loved working with the Punjabi Theatre Academy, UK. Mr. Tajinder Sindra, Executive Director of Punjabi Theatre Academy, UK start his theatrical journey in 1985 as a writer and director from Punjab. Over the last three decades, his academy has served the community with countless showcases of the rich heritage and pivotal history. His most successful play was Lion of Punjab written by James Brabazon.