Play: Mummy’s Dead, Long Live Mummy!

Koël Purie Rinchet
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Mummy’s Dead, Long Live Mummy! follows the raw, tragically hilarious, and often moving journey of four diverse mothers. The play opens as each one is dealing with a heightened but not uncommon ‘do or kill’ moment of mothering. This timely important piece of theatre is immersive and intends to become a conversation and a safe place for mothers and parents to feel represented. With an episodic and in-your-face style à la Vagina Monologues, it is written to break the myth around the glorification of motherhood. It celebrates the very real heartache and struggle of mothers around the globe and how together they form a sisterhood to find joy.

Koël Purie Rinchet is an award-winning actor, producer, writer but most importantly Mother with a capital M, who brings together a phenomenal group of women thespians to debut her latest creation- Mummy is Dead, Long Live Mummy!