Poetry: Hindi Kavya Maha Kumbh

Uttar Pradesh Community Association (UPCA) UK
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Uttar Pradesh Community Association (UPCA) UK is a social working towards promotion of literature and culture of UP in UK. The group provides a platform to network and build community through the celebration of festivals and works alongside state authorities to contribute towards home state in India.

UPCA dedicates time and effort to promote Hindi language and literature through various events like Kavi Sammelan, Hindi Diwas, and various musical performances.

Hindi Kavya Maha Kumbh (हिंदी काव्य महाकुंभ), is an annual event to remember and celebrate famous poets like Ramdhari Singh Dinakar, Maithili Sharan Gupt etc, they aim to promote contemporary poets and their creation among the audience in the UK.

The event will witness esteemed Kavis (poets) from India as well as the U.K who will be sharing the stage and narrating their kavitas (poems). These renowned poets are well known for their speaking style and contents in Hindi Kavita, which covers different RAS like Hasya, Veer, Shringar, Patriotism and others.

This year, Kavya Maha Kumbh is focusing on nurturing emerging poets and creating and opportunity for them to meet some of the stalwarts of Hindi literature.