Poetry Reading

This Glorious Noise
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This Glorious Noise, a conception of poetry readings anchored in new books published had its first outing at Th e National Poetry Library. The evening will bring together readings by the Indian diaspora poets changing the landscape of English poetry.

The audience will be able to take a journey into varied themes and diaspora experiences that affect us daily. These powerful voices are not only redefining our presence as Indians abroad writing in English but are becoming a pride and a part of living history in the English and American literature.

The Poets include:

Yogesh Patel was made recently a Poet-of-Honor in New York at the Matwaala Literary Festival. At Word Masala Foundation and Skylark Publications UK, he supports diaspora poets. Debjani Chatterjee, MBE and now FRSL, helps to forge the change for our diaspora poets. At this event, Ravi Shankar flies in from New York to represent the international aspect of Word Masala Foundation. Kavita A. Jindal, along with Reshma Ruia, symbolises the power of the unity through the Whole Kahani collective. Jessica Mookherjee shows us how being a part of the writer’s co-operative can open doors.

Together, This (is) Glorious Noise.