Sarvasya – Quest for Oneness

Divya Ravi
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So many paths. So many expressions. So many practices. The quest for oneness with the Supreme is multi-hued, varying regionally, as well as individually. Some go to a place of worship. Few feel a sense of oneness intrinsically. Some exhibit their oneness in joyous abandon. Many believe that Love itself is the Supreme Force. While others invest in duty, service and charity! Which of these approaches is ideal? Is there an ideal way at all? In their quest for oneness with the Supreme, who finally reaches the destination?

"SARVASYA - Quest For Oneness" explores the answers through a mélange of regional Indian Bhakti Poetry woven into a solo bharatanatyam feature.

Divya Ravi is one of the most promising Bharatanatyam soloists today. A Graded artiste of Doordarshan, empaneled artiste with SPICMACAY, and a recipient of many prestigious awards, Divya’s performances have been appreciated for her fluid grace, taut lines, maturity and finesse in expressions. Her solo choreographic ventures – Manjari, Sarvasya, Narmada, Saarini and Poems of Love are driven by the quest to communicate the essence and relevance of Bharatanatyam to the modern-day audience. Divya’s international footprints include her performance tours to Sri Lanka, Singapore, Kuwait, Hong Kong, London and China.