Seeking the Infinite

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Monsoon has been the welcome season of fertility and of love. Th e monsoon songs describe the separations of the lovers as well as their union as portrayed during the swing festival or Jhulan Yatra that is celebrated amid the rains. It is about a bhakti’s (devotee) love for God and God’s love for His devotees when his chariot is pulled with the cords of love during the chariot festival or Ratha Yatra in the splendorous monsoon.

Seeking the Infinite refl ects the emotions of a devotee, pining for her Lord, Krishna, the magical flute player, a prayer to bring down the rain of love and mercy. The choreography is based on the traditional and ritualistic dance and music of Manipur that are performed during the festivals which are held and celebrated in monsoon.

Concept and Choreography – Bimbavati Devi

Bimbavati Devi, being the daughter of renowned classical Manipuri dancers, Guru Bipin Singh and Guru Kalavati Devi, was initiated into the world of dance and music at a very tender age. Besides dancing, she has also undergone very basic training in Poong (Manipuri mridang) playing and Th ang Ta (Manipuri martial art). As a solo artiste and as a performing artiste of Manipuri Nartanalaya, one of the pioneer institutions of Manipuri dance in the country founded by her parents and the well-known Jhaveri sisters, she has performed in various prestigious dance festivals and events of India and abroad. Her performances and choreographies have been highly acclaimed by the press and public.

Besides being a classical dancer par excellence, Bimbavati is now engaged in various choreographies based on Manipuri dance, even trying to experiment with new idioms, thus trying to expand the vocabulary of movements, following the path shown by her parents.

Bimbavati Devi is a National Awardee, a recipient of the Ustad Bismillah Yuva Puraskar from National Sangeet Natak Akademi.