Seminar: Dementia Awareness

SAN:E (South Asian Network Enterprise)
Please note: This event starts at 10.00 AM and will end at 12.30 pm.
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September 21st every year is world Alzheimer’s day, principally aimed at increasing awareness of dementia, various types, its challenges and how to ‘live-well’ with the diagnosis. Envisioned at raising awareness of Dementia, its complexities, needs especially in South Asian Population, the programme consists of talks on the subject, with a touch of literature, alternative therapies, technology, and social media in Dementia.

SAN:E will conduct an awareness programme, with the following learning objectives:

  1. To understand what dementia is, various types of dementia and how to separate the common types.
  2. To understand the process of diagnosis, investigation, and management of dementia.
  3. Understand the importance of digital technology, media, and alternative therapies in Dementia.
  4. To understand the nuances of dementias in the South Asian Population.
  5. To understand how to live-well with dementia, availability of local help and how that can be achieved.


Dr.Mayuri Senapati , Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Kavita D Mohan, Founder KINDURE, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Meetu Singh, Founder, The Oak Tree Clinic