UK-India Relations in the Post BREXIT Era
Friends of India Society International, UK (FISI)
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UK’s relationship with India is primarily focused on trade and economic issues. To further promote the relationship, the UK needs to focus on the ‘strategic relationship’. Studies have identified that there are several areas where the relationship could be deepened including technology, life sciences, med-tech, creative industry, Fintech, bio-tech, skills-based education, and cyber security. It is also critical for the UK to consider the negative impact of its restrictive visas regime on the UK-India relationship and acknowledge the soft power links between the two countries.

A little over a year ago, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the UK as part of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Th is visit strengthened the foundations of a prosperous and mutually-beneficial partnership, with the UK-India Tech Partnership and India- UK Trade Partnership forming integral components of its legacy. A year on from Prime Minister Modi’s visit, bilateral trade between the UK and India has grown by 14%, and revenues from Indian companies operating in the UK have increased by £1.6 billion since 2018.

This shows that there is a vast scope to further grow this relationship. India has proven tirelessly through its committed and collaborative stance, that Brexit or no Brexit, they are backing the UK and are respectful of its democratic independence.

Friends of India Society International, UK (FISI UK) represent members of various organisations based in the United Kingdom who share its vision to further promote and strengthen India’s relations with the United Kingdom.

This year, FISI UK has completed 43 years and to celebrate this occasion, a seminar and interactive session will be held at the Nehru Centre. The conference will comprise professionals working in business, academia and politics. Th e invited speakers from will reflect and discuss India’s past and current relation with the UK and explore the ways in which the relationship could be further strengthened.

FISI has invited government representatives from both India and the UK. Some prominent academic scholars and business, industry leaders will also be participating in this event.