Shakti – The Goddess within

Padma Coram
Get Direction

Shakti is the personification of divine creative power. This invisible force & wisdom was understood and practised in India

Modern women are now overwhelmed and left feeling suppressed, discouraged, fearful, anxious and belittled; when in fact they have a deep-rooted energy source full of powerful potential, containing courage and confidence, all available within.

Join Padma in discovering the truth of what has already been embedded in each and every woman. Regain control and take the first steps to unlocking the once buried treasure of Shakti - Power of the Goddess within.

Padma is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, mediation and wellness specialist. Alongside learning from monks in the Himalayas, Japan and doctors in America. Padma originates from the family of the devout Swami Sivananda, the first family of Wellness.

Padma has been described as a great combination of East and West, working to train individuals in developing their emotional intelligence through ancient teachings. She delights in working with celebrities, politicians, royal families and ambitious global thinkers whose work impacts many lives, and in turn they all inspire to do the same thing: to find their best selves.