Shared Values Festival 2019

Bamboo Flute
Fabrice De Graef
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Shared Values is a festival of Indian music (both classical & contemporary) that seeks to showcase the achievements of nonSouth Asian (primarily Western) musicians who have wholeheartedly adopted the aesthetic values of this music and emerged as accomplished performers. We believe that the breadth and depth of these artists’ with their adoptive musical culture can only be put in perspective when they are given an opportunity to share a platform with leading indigenous performers to reiterate that Indian art music is universal, welcoming and inclusive.

Fabrice De Graef is a master of the bansuri flute. He was born and raised in France where his family are all outstanding musicians. His mastery over this wind instrument led him to earn a scholarship from the Indian and French governments. His journey took him to advance training from Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia and L. Subramaniam in India for eight years. The serious commitment which Fabrice has undertaken has developed him into an international musician often sharing the platform to display his outstanding musicianship.

Fabrice’s bamboo flute produces a unique sound in which his music is inspired by symbol of union and love between Krishna and Radha. Fabrice calls his musical quest a “Pranic Dance”, from the Sanskrit word Prana meaning the magic flow into the bansuri, which produces ethereal music.

Renowned Pandit Anindo Chatterjee said of him: “...He is the true style follower of the Great Hari Prasadji” ...”I feel he will maintain the Indian music style & system to the music lovers...”

In association with SAMA Arts Network