Silence Speaks

Art Exhibition
Uma Ramakrishnan, Anil Powle and Arif Shaikh
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“Silence Speaks” is an exhibition of paintings by three Contemporary Indian artists, Uma Ramakrishnan, Anil Powle and Arif Shaikh. The silent artworks draw the spectators into a conversation, beckoning them to delve deep into the artist’s journey. The three of them have worked and exhibited together many times, yet their individual styles stand apart from each other and are a reflection of the diverse Indian culture. Their styles stem from their vastly different backgrounds and upbringing.

Uma’s paintings echo the statement of Aristotle - “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Uma dips into the self and creates from dreams, emotions and even draws inspiration from stones.

Anil loves to talk to people and tell stories that have answers to their daily problems. His paintings reflect that very quality. In fact, he collects people around him and listens to all they have to say. His concepts stem from these conversations and often dip into Indian mythology for solutions.

Arif’s natural instinct for design has guided him to paint a variety of subjects, helped him create digital art and the shutter bug in him has captured a few magic moments.