Tagore & The World

Sourendro and Soumyojit
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The messiah from Bengal brought a great new idea derived from Upanishads and Padavali Kirtan through his writings and melodies. He mingled ideas of the east and west and spoke the words of humanity.

Tagore & the World will oversee Tagore’s musical pieces and interpret his ideas of experiments with folk music, oriental classical, Irish tunes and poetry.

The performance will have a 90 minute rundown over Tagore’s tunes and melodies which has influences from the Vraj Bhasa – the language of the thumris as found in his Bhanusingha Padavali , or his compositions which are direct lifts from folk composers and bauls like Lalan Fakir or Gurus of carnatic music like Thyagraja.

Tagore’s writing for Subhash Chandra Bose, or Swami Vivekananda’s favourite Tagore composition shall be a part of this exotic evening. Cristina Rosetti ‘s Remember Me which inspired Tagore – or Schubert’s Ave Maria which inspires Tagore to write for the first time in English shall add a special colour.

Sourendro & Soumyojit are known for their special series of TAGORE & WE which has won several awards and accolades which was presented last year at the Grand Rudolfstadt World Music Festival in Germany that has built a great following for them in Mainland Europe. Also ‘Jaya Hey’, their release celebrating 150 years of Gurudev’s birth was a national sensation.