Tagore’s Barsha Mangal

Sreyashi Mitra
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Hailing from a family of internationally acclaimed Rabindra Nritya Natak artists from Shantiniketan, music comes naturally to Sreyashi. An exponent of several genres of Bengali music - Rabindrasangeet, Folk and Adhunik (Modern).

Her association with music over three decades has taken her to several parts of the world - both to the West as well as the Far-East. In addition to numerous performances in the U.S.A, Singapore, Thailand, Argentina and India, she has to her credit several successful albums in Rabindrasangeet. She has been sponsored by the Department of Culture, Government of India on numerous occasions. In her generation of musicians Sreyashi is one of the representatives of the rich heritage and core traditions of music of Bengal.

Tagore’s Barsha Mangal is a soul stirring creation describing the Monsoon in India. The season’s colours brought profound melodious harmony in the poet’s mind. He created with pathos and intense depth being one with nature. The colours blue, black and green were ever so dominant in every piece of his writing. He denoted his emotions through the colours of the sky. His heart felt warmth in happiness, the pain and grief in his losses painted through the stages of his descriptions. In one moment the poet was begging and pleading for the rains to arrive after the intense scorching summer, in the next he was tormented with the destruction and havoc created by the torrential outpours leading to floods and landslides making life dangerous and difficult to dwell. But to see the white cranes fly by the dark looming clouds is soul searching.

Narrator: Devjani Mitra