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Samskrit remained the spoken language of the literary class of Bharat (India) at least up to the time of Shankaracharya. All over India Shankaracharya debated in Samskrit language wherever he went. It was around 500 BC.

The great contribution of Sanskrit in India and the World’ and ‘Why Sanskrit is important language’.

The Talk will discuss on and throw lights on these topics.

This will be followed by a cultural program and Sanskrit shlokas.

Dr. P. Nanadakumar , (Akhila Bharata General Secretary, Kerala) present the Talk along with Shri Ram Kumar Vaidya (International joint coordinator H.S.S) and Ramesh Bhai Pattni from Chinmay mission.

It will be an interactive evening where people will be encouraged to ask questions and also present their view. Th e topic in discussion will be strictly Sanskrit and its contribution.