Talk: Building Enduring Relationships

Jaya Row
Get Direction

Do you have conflict with the people you love most?

Love tainted with selfishness is 'attachment'. When you are attached you expect a return for your affection. You make demands on people. The relationship becomes conflict-ridden. In the end, it breaks down and you lose the person.

Vedanta steps in with solutions to this problem.
Expand your mind. Get attached to a wider circle of people. As you get attached to the higher you get detached from the lower. True love is born, and your relationships become free from strife.

Mrs. Jaya Row is one of the best speakers on Vedanta - the oldest management school in the world. She inspires people to rise from mediocrity and pursue excellence. Her remarkable ability to connect with people of all age groups and backgrounds, has captivated audiences across the world. Clarity, wit, and zeal are the hallmarks of her presentations.