Talk: Depth of Indian Democracy

Pradeep Bhandari
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Pradeep Bhandari is a celebrated Indian Psephologist & Broadcast Journalist. He is the Founder of Jan Ki Baat psephological platform, and has been Consulting Editor with Republic, & News Director for India News. He has predicted 34 Indian elections accurately & has traversed more than 400 Indian Lok Sabha constituencies. He is the youngest & most widely travelled psephologist in India who was the first to predict the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 in India accurately in his pre-election analysis.

The conversation will throw light on the depth of Indian democracy by dwelling deep into the mind of the Indian voter. It will also explore the factors that determine the winner in Indian elections, & will dive into the factors that determine the voting choices for the poor & marginalized of the country which make the Indian democracy a thriving success model for the world to learn from.

The speaker will share conclusions based on his primary data collection, and anecdotal experiences traveling the length and the breadth of the world's largest democracy.

In conversation with Shantanu Gupta

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