Talk: Introduction to 7 Chakras and their roles in the Human Body

Leena R. Prabhoo
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Did you know that we are born with natural mechanisms to heal ourselves, without any external medicines? The medical profession has been studying the Human Body for centuries, to find ways to heal physical, emotional, and mental disorders. They developed medicines and complex surgeries to alleviate the suffering of humanity. These studies have helped millions of people heal their illnesses. However, these studies and treatments completely ignored the inborn natural mechanisms of the human body to heal itself, without any external medicines. The Yogis and Spiritual Masters have done a fabulous job of identifying these “invisible” systems and decoding them for the benefit of humankind, thousands of years ago. The Creator has installed extensive and accurate healing systems within our bodies, which when accessed and tuned, can keep our bodies disease-free, mentally, and emotionally stronger, channelize manifestations within our lives, cleanse our karmic debts, and vibrate at higher levels, all the time. One such system is called the Chakras.

Leena R. Prabhoo will introduce you to the 7 Chakras and their roles in the Human Body and will share some tips on how to make yourself financially abundant by unblocking and tuning a specific Chakra. She will also give a Live Demo on Energy Healing to unblock the smooth flow of Prana in the body. An author of Amazon's #1 Best Seller, ‘My Path to Prajñā’, M.Ed, Boston, 1990, PhD in Psychology Research Scholar (2023), Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, Certified Animal Telepathic Communicator, and a Recipient of Top 100 Health Care Leaders Award, Dubai, 2019. She is from Mumbai, India.