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Raageshwari Loomba Swaroop
International Women’s Week 2023
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Raageshwari is an actor, singer, former MTV VJ, and a motivational speaker on the power of Wellness and Mindfulness.

She is currently voted as one amongst the top 50 Mental Health Influencers in India.

Her own recovery from Facial paralysis at the peak of her career in 2000 was the beginning of her journey into Mindfulness.

Her miraculous pregnancy at 40 is another testament to the power of wellness and Mindfulness.

Raageshwari has worked with the legendary Jack Canfield and released India’s first affirmation CD with the path-breaking Guru of Affirmations the late Louise Hay. Her videos on Meditation and the Ancient Tibetan Rites have gone viral on YouTube. Her show with India Today called Mindful Mondays has just completed 100 episodes.

Her diverse work takes her across the globe from performing at the Nobel Peace Centre, to working with HH Dalai Lama, to working with children rescued from terrorist training camps, to working for the Melinda & Bill Gates foundation on maternal Mortality.

Raageshwari is also an author with Penguin of the mindfulness book “How to build a happy family”. Raageshwari is one of the most exciting speakers globally on Motivation, Wellness and Mindfulness. She resides in London currently with her husband Sudhanshu Swaroop KC and her 7-year-old daughter Samaya Swaroop.