Talk: Purpose Driven Life

Jaya Row
Get Direction

There must be more to life than just growing up, getting a job, taking a few vacations, retiring, and dying. Without a clearly defined purpose, we just meander through space and time. A purpose is a master plan for our life. It makes life more enjoyable and effortless. It emerges from an exploration of what we value most. Once purpose is identified and committed to, the opportunities will show up. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Find purpose, the means will follow.”

Ultimately you want more zest, more fullness, greater happiness. You want to wake up in the morning enthusiastic, jumping out of bed with a thirst for life that you haven’t felt since you were a child. Your purpose is your connection to something larger, something that will allow you to make your mark in the world, to truly make a difference.

Mrs. Jaya Row is celebrated as one of the finest orators on Vedanta, Indian philosophy. Her technique is simple yet powerful! Articulate and precise, she brings alive the wisdom of the Vedas in a modern context. Clarity, wit, and zeal are the hallmarks of her presentations.