Talk: Santon Ki Vani

Sanatan Sanstha UK
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Sanatan Sanstha UK (SSUK) was created to work with youth & children and spread the knowledge of the Vedic culture from India. SSUK will be facilitating Sanatan based community events & multiple learning workshops in various places in London to connect the Indian Diaspora. They organise community events to spread the knowledge & culture of Hindus, explain the benefits of following Sanatan/Hindu dharma using digital channels and highlight the benefits of Vedic ways of Living by conducting workshops.

Abhi Yogi is founder of SSUK & also runs multiple sanatan organisations for sanatan shiksha and sanatanis in UK & Bharat. He is a known figure for Sanatan Activism in the UK. He is also the Founder of Simply Sanatan and actively promotes Vedic Dharma on multiple platforms for many worldwide hindu & sanatan organisations. He has been teaching and practising kundalini yoga for 8 years for free across the UK. His dream is to provide Sanatan Literacy for all Hindu Children across the world.

Santon ki Vani’ will showcase the rich culture of our Vedic Philosophy. The Talk will focus on ‘Shri Adi Guru Shankaracharya’, his life, his philosophy and how he helped unify the divided sects and bring the Advait Vedanta. This will be followed by short performances.