Traditional South Indian Bhajan

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Udayalur Kalyanaraman
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Udaiyalur K. Kalyanaraman Bhagwathar, is a contemporary stalwart in Dakshina Bhartiya Bhajana Sampradaya. He has also been a part of ‘guru- shishya parampara’ , he learnt the basics of bhajana from his guru Shri. Venkatrama Bhagvathar who was a blind man with a lot of imagination in his singing.

Udaiyalur Bhagvathar has revived the almost forgotten essence of Dakshina Bhajana Sampradaya. His majestic husky voice attracts his listeners like none other. He has travelled extensively and performed both in India and abroad.

Bhagvathar is also running a trust called Bhagvatha Seva Trust, which supports a number of other bhagvatha families who have spent their life in propagating sampradaya bhajan. He has an excellent accompanying artist’s team with him who comprises of Sethalapati Balasubramainium and Picchumani Bhagvathar on Vocal support, Babu Rajashekar on Mridangam and Rajesh on Harmonium.