Women in Music Festival

Call of Love
Shephali Frost
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Shephali Frost sings of love that celebrates earthly desire, and yet transcends to the level of heavenly devotion. Her music will explore the poetry of, the 15th century princess, Meera Bai, who constantly seeked union with an eternal Krishna – who for ever remained out of her bodily reach but was inexorably fused in her entire being.

Shephali will also sing the poetry of a modern Sufiyana poet who lived in the emotionally devastating time of the subcontinent’s partition in 1947 – the great Shiv Kumar Batalavi.

Shephali Frost’s creative projects crisscross, UK and India - the two countries she lives and works in. Trained in Hindustani classical music, she has chosen to sing across the genres of ghazals and Sufi music. Her special area of interest of course, is the Nazm, which she brings to life with her soulful voice and passion for Urdu poetry.

Shephali brings her deep interest in world history to songs of diaspora – singing the poetry of love and revolution across countries and civilisations. An extremely talented and versatile artist, her repertoire extends from the songs of the nineteenth century Sufi saint, Shah Turab Ali Qalandar of Kakori Sahrif in Lucknow, to the poetry of Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Habib Jalib. The rebellious poetry of Majaz Lakhnavi is of special interest to her, as are the compositions of Mira Bai, Amrita Pritam and the iconoclastic Punjabi poet of the sixteenth century - Shah Hussain.

Accompanied by Tabla & Harmonium.

In association with SAMA Arts Network