Yantra Mantra Tantra and Natya

Lecture Demonstration
Dr.Padmaja V Suresh
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Experienced and noted artiste of Bharatanatyam, teacher, researcher and social worker, Dr. Padmaja has been trained by prominent Gurus, her mentor being the stalwart Guru K.Kalyanasundaram. She holds degrees in Commerce, Law, and Diploma in choreography, a Masters in Philosophy and a doctorate from Mysore University.

She has performed at major dance festivals throughout the country and the Rashtrapati Bhavan and Raj Bhavans. Sponsored by ICCR Padmaja has also performed abroad and given workshops and lecture demonstrations in over 25 countries.

Deeply spiritual and intellectual, her books Tantra the Science and Natya the Art- two faceted Reality and The Liberating dance Natya Tantra , have been well appreciated for the esoteric study of dance. Tantra Yoga attempts to unify Shiva and Shakti by raising the serpent power from the lowest Mūlādhāra to the highest Sahasrāra Chakras. The subtle body is composed of seven cakrās or energy centers. All these Chakras converge when vibrated into the Bindu of Sri-Chakra, the mystical Yantra, the supreme Goddess within the wonderful mind- body sphere. In dance, one delves deeply into the macrocosm and into the micro orbits of forces. Human beings are bestowed with six subtle chakras according to Tantra Yoga. There are several ways of raising this shakti found in humans.

Dr Padmaja would indicate how yogic sadhanas, dance prayogas, basic postures of Bharatanatyam open up the body chakras, and enhance the flow of energy. She would also throw light upon the Sri Chakra Yantra Model. She would demonstrate the unification of Shiva and Shakti as depicted in Tandava and Sukumara Nritya; And also how purusha and prakruti is merged according to Natya and Tantra shastra, which depicts the most popular Ardhanarishwara form of Shiva. All these are more of subtle nature but Dr. Padmaja Suresh would be demonstrating these aspects through an audio visual presentation.