Book Launch

East or West – An NRI mother’s manual on how to bring up Desi children
By Vinati Sukhdev
Get Direction

‘Where are you from? ‘Pause. Like most ‘third culture kids’ brought up outside the country of their birth and passport, I had always been that bit slower to respond. There has never been a right answer. 

Vinati Sukhdev has lived outside India for two decades. The years did not dim her love for her home country, and where she saw her children grapple with the identity issue; she was determined to instil in them a love for India and Indian values. Her many experiences over the last twenty years have resulted in this – a wonderful, much-needed book that is her tried and tested personal cocktail of persuasion and discipline, often with hilarious and unpredictable results .

This is a book for Indian parents living outside India as well as their children who may or may not define themselves as Indian. It is about identity in a fast-changing world. Are we all global citizens? How alike are we? What makes us desis different from non-Indians? Will these differences narrow over time? It is about the Indian identity amongst people who do not live in India. It is, more specifically, about the role of parenting in shaping this identity. But most of all it is about accepting that we live in a fast-changing world and that we have to adapt.