Book Launch: Follow That Dream

Get Direction

The book unveils the true story of a British Indian family navigating the challenges of life while steadfastly continuing to chase their aspirations. The narrative begins during the tumultuous period of India's partition in 1947 when the first generation of the family makes the courageous decision to leave their hometown in Kitna, Punjab, in search of better opportunities. The book, "Follow That Dream" portrays the obstacles faced by those who start from scratch in a new environment, striving to provide for their loved ones.

This compelling story follows a young British Indian with a burning ambition to make his mark in business, politics, and the local community. Through the ups and downs, the narrative resonates with readers across generations, inspiring them to persevere and "Follow That Dream." The creation of this book has been a labour of love spanning over a decade, from handwritten musings on scattered pieces of paper to the polished version now. With a deep sense of gratitude, the book shares stories that highlight the ups and downs of life, ultimately echoing the sentiment that one has lived life to the fullest by doing it their way. The motto that reverberates throughout is "Opportunity is never far from those who seek it."