Book Launch: Science in Sanskrit Scriptures

Dr Yash Gupta
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In his enlightening book, the author, Dr Yash Gupta shares the remarkable findings of his decade-long study and research on Sanskrit scriptures. The profound scientific descriptions of Astronomy, Medicine and Surgery, atoms, mathematics, and theoretical physics found within these ancient texts left him in awe. Moreover, he uncovered a wealth of wisdom in revered works like the Bhagavad Gita and Shrimad Bhagavatam Puranam. This book is a dedicated exploration of the scientific aspects contained within these scriptures.

With meticulous detail, the author delves into the concept of the 'Creation of Universe.' Starting from the explosive 'Big Bang' and the fusion of particles to form atoms and matter, he examines the influential role of gravity, centripetal forces, electricity, magnetism, and atomic forces.

Dr. Gupta supports his claims with extensive quotations from a multitude of Sanskrit verses, many of which date back over 1500 years. It is astounding that modern science has only recently validated many of the concepts outlined in these ancient scriptures.

To enhance comprehension, the book offers a rich collection of authentic illustrations and diagrams. Notably, the chapter on medicine and surgery features explanations of various surgical procedures and instruments derived from the Sushruta Samhita.

Dr. Yash Gupta, the distinguished author, resides in London and boasts an impressive background as a consultant surgeon. Having obtained his MBBS degree from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences, he achieved the fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons, becoming one of the youngest doctors to do so. Trained in plastic and trauma surgery at esteemed institutions like Oxford and London, Dr. Gupta has garnered international recognition through his scientific publications, presentations, and dedication to teaching. As a visiting faculty member worldwide, including in the United States and Australia, he continues to share his expertise. Dr. Gupta's unwavering commitment to scientific exploration of Sanskrit scriptures is reflected in his ongoing research endeavours.