Book Launch: The Execution of Bhagat Singh

Dr. Satvinder Juss
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The book gives a fresh insight into the use of colonial power by the British in India by exploring the trial of the Indian revolutionary and freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and expounds data from 160 case files attached to the trial. Bhagat Singh was only twenty-three when executed on the charge of murder, having already received a life sentence for bombing the Central Assembly in Delhi. The book combines legal and historical research, reading down the British authorities’ use of controversial legislative powers to make an Ordinance allegedly aimed at preserving ‘peace, order and good government’ – never approved by the Central Assembly, nor by the British Parliament – in their attempt to try, convict and hang Bhagat Singh and two of his comrades.

About the Author

Dr. Satvinder Singh Juss is a Professor of Law at King’s College London, a practicing barrister who has acted for the governments of Belize, Bermuda, and Trinidad, and a Deputy Judge of the Upper Tribunal (IAC). He is a former Human Rights Fellow at Harvard Law School and Fellow of Emmanuel College Cambridge. He has been a Migration Commissioner at the Royal Society of Arts and worked with the Centre for Social Justice on Human Trafficking on passing the anti-trafficking legislation in 2015. He has published widely about human rights, constitutional law and international refugee law.